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Nopali Properties, LLC is a dedicated family team of professional renovators hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, CA. Our journey began a few years ago when we embarked on a mission to transform distressed properties in the High Desert region of Southern California. Our focus has been on acquiring homes in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and nearby towns, breathing new life into them through stunning renovations, and offering these rejuvenated properties to families and real estate investors alike. Our latest focus has been taking everything we’ve learned in the desert and applying it to the real estate market in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2019 by Amanda, David, and Oscar, Nopali Properties is eager to become an integral part of the thriving Los Angeles communities. As conscientious investors, we maintain a people-first approach and are committed to contributing positively to the local economies while providing comprehensive real estate solutions tailored to the unique needs of sellers.

Our guiding principles are rooted in professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct. With every real estate transaction, our aim is to enhance the lives of our clients, ensuring that their needs and aspirations are met with the utmost care and consideration. Welcome to Nopali Properties, where your real estate dreams become reality.

Amanda Fornelli
Acquisitions & Finance

Oscar Bustos
Project Management & Sales

David Fornelli
Marketing & Short Term Rentals

Mia Banate
STR Ops Assistant

Melody Bandary
Acquisitions Manager

Aaron Cabatbat
Administrative Assistant

Nopali Properties, LLC is a professional residential redevelopment company that buys and sells properties in the High Desert of Southern California. We focus on buying distressed properties in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and surrounding cities, then renovate and resell our newly rehabbed homes to families or real estate investors alike.

Founded in 2019 by Amanda, David and Oscar, Nopali Properties is excited to be a part of the thriving High Desert communities as diligent investors and thoughtful contributors to the local economies. We aim to provide real estate solutions for a variety of different situations sellers may be in, while always maintaining professionalism, integrity, and good morals. With this approach, we hope to enrich the lives of sellers through every real estate transaction.

Photo of Oscar

Oscar Bustos

Photo of Amanda

Amanda Fornelli

Photo of David

David Fornelli

Our Mission:

At Nopali Properties, we believe that real estate development companies require a dedicated team committed to serving their clients daily. Our team not only possesses the essential experience and determination needed to successfully assist you in selling your home, but we also carry an unwavering commitment and passion for positively impacting sellers throughout the process. Our core belief is that people always come first, and we strive to treat every individual with equal respect and care. Our mission is to embody these principles in all our endeavors and contribute to the betterment of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, one beautifully renovated home at a time.

We also understand the significance of giving back, regardless of a company’s size or age. Hence, we are firmly committed to allocating a percentage of our profits towards supporting homelessness initiatives in and around Southern California.

Real Estate Solutions We Provide:

At Nopali Properties, we are unwavering in our commitment to assist each seller with a personalized, people-centric approach. Our core values emphasize swift responsiveness, unwavering integrity, and consistently exceeding expectations. We prioritize the unique needs of our customers and meticulously devise tailored solutions for sellers, including but not limited to:

  • Assisting with closing costs
  • Providing comprehensive moving support
  • Adhering to your preferred timeline for closing
  • Eliminating commission fees
  • Purchasing your home in its current condition, sparing you from repair hassles
  • Facilitating connections with other reputable real estate professionals in the area
  • And more

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